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Data center colocation is the starting point for your digital strategy.

Is your organization considering the transition from on premise operations to data center hosting? Is your server room growing in size and vulnerability? Are you weighing the benefits and wondering what the business case looks like? If so, your due diligence might just pay off.

There are numerous benefits to migration from an on premise environment to a colocation data center. From cost savings to security measures, redundant power to resilient internet connectivity, a colocation data center simply offers peace of mind you typically don’t find in a server room.


216 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL, 60606 | 427 LaSalle St, Chicago, IL 60606


400 South Akard Street, Suite 700 Dallas, TX 75202


324 E Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, 53202

Central Wisconsin

141 Market Ave, Port Edwards, WI 54469


250 South Marquette Ave, Minneapolis, MN, 55401

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Data Center Security

Tier II, III & Tier IV Data Centers
Limited Access to Visitors
24/7/365 Monitoring
Surveillance Inside and Outside Premises
Mantrap Entrances
Non-Descript Buildings

Advanced Security Features

Biometric Door Locks
Visitor Badges and Logging
Hardended Network Configuration
Night Vision, Hi-Definition Security Cameras
Locking Cabinets

Redundant Infrastructure

N+1 Power Backup
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
Diesel Generator Backup
Multiple Internet Service Providers (ISP)
Fully Redundant MicroTik Connection Routers
Redundant Gigabit Ethernet Links