Data Backup

Copies of data offsite are a critical component of any well designed backup and disaster recovery plan.

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As an offsite storage repository, CyberOne can help you company build a plan for offsite backups to protect your business from the unknown. Protect your business by backing up critical data from all your devices. Offsite data backups will give your business peace of mind.

Data Backup

Let’s face it, any modern business today runs on data. Accounting applications, CRM, mobile apps, sales management, document management, business analytics, ERP. There are virtually no industries in today’s business climate that don’t rely on their data to help run the business – and without it they might be “dead in the water.” Or worse, out of business.

High Availability & Scalable

CyberOne Data provides a scalable storage environment that allows clients to grow their data as much and fast as they need. With our new environment we have built a fully distributed replicated volume, this means your data is copied across multiple physical servers creating piece of mind when backup up to us. CyberOne Data has also created a secure location within our environment using a utility called ‘jail’. This utility allows us to secure each client to their own primary directory. We have also setup our backup service using the secure ‘sFTP’ protocol as well as ‘SCP’. We recommend any software using these protocols as well as ‘rsync or acrosync’ tools.

Local Storage Isn't Good Enough

Storing data locally is a first line of defense. But simply having local backups will not be enough to keep your business critical data safe in a real disaster scenario. Fires, flooding, vandalism, theft, ransomware or even accidental deletion are possibilities that can and do occur.

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    CyberOne Data Backups

    Benefits of Data Storage

    Please contact our support team for additional questions and how we can help your business. CyberOne Data’s backup are recommended for the following applications:

    • Acrosync
    • WinSCP
    • FileZilla
    • Handy Backup
    • SCP (CLI in Linux/Unix
    • Rsync (CLI in Linux/Unix
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